Anti Ageing Treatments

Age gracefully and achieve a timeless complexion by investing in anti-aging facial treatments and effective skincare solutions for your skin. With our carefully designed anti-aging facial treatments, you too can achieve and preserve healthy, youthful-looking skin!

Skin Recharge Facial®|50 Mins


Our Skin Recharge Facial is the ideal approach to relieve stress. A pleasant and delightful facial that aids in the relief of facial tension.

Korean O2 Hydration Treatment|70 Mins


Want to pamper your skin, and get a massage at the same time? This treatment gives you the best of both worlds with a face and neck massage, that also hydrates, softens, along with enhancing your skin.

Skin Firming Treatment|70 Mins


The perfect anti-aging regimen for your skin. A facial treatment to achieve a revitalized and vibrant skin that includes shoulder and chest massage. Leave our skincare centre feeling energized and rejuvenated.

Moisturizing Neck & Decollete Treatment|45 Mins


De-stress while also leaving your skin supple and firm. Give yourself a relaxing moment built around releasing tension in your shoulder and neck

Acne & Congestion Treatments

Have you tried numerous treatments, but your skin barely improved? Don’t fret, because our acne and congestion treatments are designed specially to tackle these conditions! Say goodbye to acne scars, and dull skin as you will be transformed into your radiant and glowing self.

Pore Cleansing Facial®|60 Mins


A pore cleansing facial that helps to get rid of blackheads and whiteheads.

Korean O2 Clarifying Treatment|80 Mins



Do you wake up daily dreading an acne outbreak? Then this treatment is for you!

Detoxifying and clearing to prevent inflammation, as well as speeding up healing for any acne you have currently. Even blackheads and whiteheads can be dealt with! We recommend this treatment to also those with oily and rough skin.

Restore your beauty today!

Skin Detoxifying Treatment|85 Mins


A purifying treatment to cleanse pores and skin rebalancing. Clearer skin with lesser congestion and pores are more refine

Astrodome Treatments

AstrodomeFacial is the world's first LPE device that combines Medical LED Light Therapy with an Anion Mist Spraying System for skin rejuvenation, brightening, elasticity enhancement, anti-acne, wound healing, and anti-inflammatory skin treatments.

Astrodome Facial|60 Mins



Introducing the world’s first LPE device which combines LED Light Therapy along with Anon Mist Spraying System. Brighten, strengthen, and elevate collagen production in your skin with just 1 treatment! Also comes with anti-acne, anti-inflammatory, and wound healing solutions to keep your complexion in tip-top shape.

Combine medical LED along with NIR and Anion mist infusion to hydrate your skin!  Let your skin feel renewed as this treatment also clears and strengthens.

Be ready to face another day while looking energized!

Advance Astrodome – Acne Treatment|100 Mins


Anti-Acne Treatment utilizing medical LED and NIR, as well as an anion mist infusion function, to control oil secretion and production, hence minimizing acne. This treatment helps to kill bacteria and dry up pimples effectively. Skin is oxygenated, which reduces bacterial growth and increases the rate of cell turnover to avoid skin congestion. Pore size is reduced visibly and smoother skin texture is achieved. With optimum LED therapy, the face and scalp are rejuvenated. Treatment results are enhanced further with additional therapy from a natural energy cold volcanic stone to soothe and minimize skin redness.

Advance Astrodome – Repair Treatment|100 Mins


A super calming and soothing treatment using medical LED and NIR, as well as an anion mist infusing function, to rapidly decrease skin irritation. It aids in the promotion of skin healing, speeding up the skin’s recovery process as well as strengthening skin immunity and the skin microbiome. The skin feels supple and moisturized after this procedure. With optimum LED therapy, the face and scalp are rejuvenated. Treatment results are enhanced further with additional therapy from a natural energy cold volcanic stone to cool and reduce skin redness.

Advance Astrodome – Anti Aging Treatment|100 Mins


A powerful anti-aging treatment that uses medical LED, NIR, and Anion mist that stimulates fibroblasts to generate more collagen and elastin resulting in increased cell renewal and turnover results to achieve younger-looking skin. The infusion of pure oxygen increases skin hydration, making skin feel softer, smoother, and more supple. The dual intensive care LED therapy is tailored to the face and scalp. Additional therapy from natural energy cold volanic stone gliding over a Korean patented 3 Levels structure HydroGel Mask certified by KFDA further enhances the treatment results.

HiFULDM Duo Waves Facial System

An ultrasonic therapy that is non-invasive and provides natural, accurate face lifting and reshaping. HiFU + HiLDM have a synergistic impact on face lifting, elasticity, wrinkles, facial contour management, collagen elastin production, and waterful facial lifting care.



Scars, marks, and blemish begone! This treatment regenerates skin tissue, leaving your skin smooth and radiant. You will find the treated area to be a few shades lighter, refined, and restored.



If you’re looking for a super radiant and firming treatment, you’ve found it! By stimulating collagen production for smooth and supple skin, you’ll also see a reduction in wrinkles, as well as, fine lines.



Tackle acne and strike at its heart with this treatment! It regulates sebum production, balances skin pH, and prevents bacteria formation. All important steps to treat and prevent acne outbreaks. Your skin will also become clearer, as tissue repair is promoted, and your pores will shrink in size, creating a smooth look.

HiFU V LIFT|85 Mins


Always wanted precise facial lifting but are averse to surgery? Now with this non-invasive ultrasonic treatment, you can not only remodel your face, but also improve collagen and elasticity, and take a step towards better facial contour management. Come now to experience the synergy effect of HIFU and HILDM!

Instant V lift with no surgery! Melt away fats, and make that double chin disappear from within! Have your wrinkles and laugh lines tightened, as your skin becomes firmer. 

Experience a makeover now with our HIFU V LIFT.



Two treatments in one, with faster results in much less time. A cutting-edge skin tightening and face lift procedure that combines two waves of technology on a single platform. It aids in the stimulation of skin collagen formation, as well as the reduction of facial and reduce double chin. A non-invasive treatment to sculpt the face. Skin instantaneously plumps up and tautens, making it appear younger.

HiFULDM – Pigmentation Treatment|90 Mins


A non-invasive two-in-one advanced skin lightening therapy that combines two waves of technology onto a unified platform. It suppresses melanogenesis, which aids in the regulation of melanin synthesis and activity. Pigmentation is visibly reduced around the face. Skin becomes instantaneously clearer, fairer, and brighter.

HiFULDM WATER – Glow Treatment|90 Mins


A dewy, glossy finish that merges two waves of technology onto a single platform. It aids in the promotion of skin radiance. It has a strong hydrating and smoothing effect. After only one treatment, the skin feels incredibly smooth and nourished. Glowing glass skin is achieved instantly.

HiLDM Eye Lift|45 Mins


An eye lift treatment that smoothes fine lines and wrinkles in an instant. It aids in the promotion of microcirculation, which helps to invigorate tired eyes and restore eye contour. The eyes appear more lifted and firm after this procedure.



Neck line and wrinkle reduction treatment that improves skin texture and smoothes neck lines. This neck lift procedure also aids in the prevention of skin tags on the neck and instantly makes the neck appear more toned and lifted.

OxyCryo™ Pure Oxygen Therapy

Breathe life into your skin! The OxyCryo™ Facial System provides luminous skin texture by infusing pure oxygen, necessary nutrients, and energy into weary and stressed skin via soothing and frictionless spraying.

OxyCryo™ Customized Treatment|60 Mins


Infuse your skin with much-needed pure oxygen and essential nutrients for a brighter look! Tired skin will receive a breath of life, and you too can relax, as stressed skin will be soothed.

Therapeutic oxygen therapy with instant calming effect! A customizable combination of ozone therapy, oxygen mist, pharmaceutical grade ampoule infusion, and anion therapy. You will leave feeling refreshed, with its cooling and brightening effects further boosted by our formula essence, along with an oxygen mask.

Advance OxyCryo™ – Customized Treatment (Oxygen/Couperose/Exfoliant/Hydration)|85 Mins


A potent infused oxygen therapy that works deep into the skin’s cellular layers to oxygenate and boost skin immunity. It stimulates cellular energy and skin detoxification to firm and tighten the skin. Cell renewal is accelerated, skin puffiness and temperature is reduced, and sensitive skin is soothed. Oxygenating and hydrating the skin makes it incredibly smooth and moisturizing. Skin appears instantly younger and brighter after the facial.

OxyCryo™ – Eye Treatment|35 Mins


Are dark circles, puffy, and tired eyes ruining your look? Detox and drain your lymph nodes, to give yourself a brighter complexion with this treatment. And stop covering it up with cosmetics as your fine lines and wrinkles can also be reduced to give your eyes a complete makeover.

OxyCryo™ – Neck & Decollete Treatment|50 Mins


Being able to relax and promote skin health seems like a dream. But this treatment does exactly that! Your muscles will be soothed, and your skin infused with essential nutrients along with pure oxygen to brighten it and prevent skin tags. Your skin will thank you, as it leaves hydrated and oxygenated!

Non Invasive Repair

Discover our non-invasive repair treatments and explore your solutions to brighter, healthier skin. Take a look into our skin hydration treatments to restore even the dullest skin to its vibrant, glowing form.

Skin Recovery Facial®|60 Mins


Our skin barrier may be compromised for a variety of reasons, including using too many active ingredients in skincare or being overexposed to the sun. Repair the barrier today with our calming facial designed to soothe sensitive and irritated skin. With restorative properties infused, it truly reflects its name of Skin Recovery.

Korean O2 Skin Repair Treatment|80 Mins


Our skin barrier may be compromised for a variety of reasons, including using too many active ingredients in skincare or being exposed to the sun without protection. A skin-repairing facial that relieves skin sensitivity and irritation (redness).

Skin Defense Treatment|75 Mins


A facial consisting of an immediate recovery facial compress that reduces skin temperature and improves skin barrier function. Skin feels instantly soothed and moisturized.

Depuff Eye Treatment|35 Mins


Tired of puffy eyes drawing attention to you? This treatment soothes tension around the area and reduces water retention. You will leave with a youthful and energized look. Come to us today and transform the look around your eyes.


Add-ons that will take your experience with us a step further! More benefits in store for you, and can be combined with any treatments.

Retexturize & Renewal Spicule Regentox|10 Mins


Rejuvenate your skin to be its brighter self! Dull skin can be revitalized, while damaged tissues are repaired. It can even reach deep into your cells to speed up it’s turnover, and leave no cell unturned! Prep your skin for better absorption and get the most out of any other treatments you may use next.

OxyCryo™ OXYGEN Mist Therapy|15 Mins


Give your skin some much-needed healing via our fine soothing contactless spraying mist! Pure oxygen and essential minerals, as well as, nutrients will be infused, and instantly help with your skin’s healing. Fight infection and inflammation too as we lock in what’s infused. Only the best for your skin!