Scars, marks, and blemish begone! This treatment regenerates skin tissue, leaving your skin smooth and radiant. You will find the treated area to be a few shades lighter, refined, and restored.



Two treatments in one, with faster results in much less time. A cutting-edge skin tightening and face lift procedure that combines two waves of technology on a single platform. It aids in the stimulation of skin collagen formation, as well as the reduction of facial and reduce double chin. A non-invasive treatment to sculpt the face. Skin instantaneously plumps up and tautens, making it appear younger.

HiFULDM – Pigmentation Treatment|90 Mins


A non-invasive two-in-one advanced skin lightening therapy that combines two waves of technology onto a unified platform. It suppresses melanogenesis, which aids in the regulation of melanin synthesis and activity. Pigmentation is visibly reduced around the face. Skin becomes instantaneously clearer, fairer, and brighter.

Skin Recovery Facial®|60 Mins


Our skin barrier may be compromised for a variety of reasons, including using too many active ingredients in skincare or being overexposed to the sun. Repair the barrier today with our calming facial designed to soothe sensitive and irritated skin. With restorative properties infused, it truly reflects its name of Skin Recovery.

Korean O2 Clarifying Treatment|80 Mins



Do you wake up daily dreading an acne outbreak? Then this treatment is for you!

Detoxifying and clearing to prevent inflammation, as well as speeding up healing for any acne you have currently. Even blackheads and whiteheads can be dealt with! We recommend this treatment to also those with oily and rough skin.

Restore your beauty today!

HiFULDM WATER – Glow Treatment|90 Mins


A dewy, glossy finish that merges two waves of technology onto a single platform. It aids in the promotion of skin radiance. It has a strong hydrating and smoothing effect. After only one treatment, the skin feels incredibly smooth and nourished. Glowing glass skin is achieved instantly.