Starter Kit

ReGenon Starter Kit



A powerful antioxidant, to restore elasticity and help smooth skin texture. A Two Step Anti-Aging Kit that builds up skin elasticity from the ground up.




15ml ReGenon Serum and 15ml ReGenon Cream


Clinically tested and proven to show improvement in the appearance wrinkles and dark spots after only four weeks of use.


Idebenone provides antioxidant effects more powerful than that of Vitamin C or E. It heals sun damage and free radicals while brightening and evening up the skin tone.


Key Ingredient dense concentrations of Idebenone packed with liposomal formulation

Beauty Tips

Daily Care

After cleansing, prepare the skin texture with toner.

Apply ReGenon Serum and Cream in order.

If you layer the cream once (according to your skin condition), the moisturizing power will last for a long time.

When going out, finish with sunscreen to protect antioxidants.





Special Care

When using the ReGenon line after peeling the skin (either with a physical or chemical exfoliator) it facilitates better absorption of the active ingredients, resulting in greater antioxidant effect.



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