Pore Mask



pure oxygren formula deep cleanser


A foamy face cleanser with oxygen bubbles. Reach deep into pores boosting out dirt & oils with this rich foaming face cleanser.

What it does : Oxygen bubbles are having frictions with one another creating forces on pores, thus deeply cleanse the pores and remove unwanted sebum and residues. Skin feeling clean and fresh after cleansing.

Who it is for : All skin Type, Ideal for Oily skin, It is effective yet gentle enough for sensitive, dry, mature, and aging skin types delivering results you can feel.


  • Lavender Oil
    • Soothes skin and control the sebum
    • Cleans up the complexion
    • Vitalize the skin
  • Allantoin
    • Natural ingredient extracted from plants
    • Helps skin maintain skin texture smooth and soft
    • Great soothing and cleaning effect
  • Portulaca Oleracea Extract
    • Skin soothing and anti bacterial effect
    • Its natural moisturizing factor prevents dry skin

Size : 200ml

Beauty tips : To remove heavy makeup, use Double Make Up Remover before using the Pore Mask cleanser. Before cleansing, swipe face with cotton pad damped with the Cryogenic Activator

1) Squeeze a small amount into palms, rub with water to foam, make enough bubbles.
2) Deeply cleanse your skin with this Hydrating Bubble Mask, feel the bubbles gently wash away dust and clear out pores.


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