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SOS recovery cream

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A SOS Cream for dry and redness skin that instantly soothes and strengthens skin barrier

What it does : It is a treatment cream suitable for red sensitive skin after skin treatment for moisturizing and anti-inflammatory effects with 7 types of organic ingredients. Ceramide and Oligopeptide improves skin health and helps restore skin condition. Clinically proven to get hypoallergenic tested.

Who it is for : Ideal for those with sensitive or irritated skin


  • Ceramide 3
    • Enhance the hydration layers in skin
    • Protect skin from external irritation
    • Provides skin enough moisture
  • Oligopeptide-1
    • Enhance damaged skin barrier
    • Provide skin elasticity to aged skin wrinkle
    • Promotes skin cycle
  • Tocopheryl Acetate
    • Form skin protection layer
    • Care skin texture to make it smooth and bright
  • 7 Organic Extracts
    • Carrot Extracts: Skin soothing, moisturizing and giving elasticity
    • Brown Rice Extracts: Improves skin texture conditions, moisturizing
    • Turnip Extracts: Skin soothing
    • Broccoli Extracts: Collagen development, improvement of skin protective ability
    • Cabbage Extracts: Vitamin C, prevents skin from damaging
    • Celery Extracts: Vitamin A, C, skin moisturizing
    • Tomato Extracts: Hydrates skin and improves skin tone

Size : 50ml

Beauty tips : When you use it with Couperose Fluid, skin calming effect will be UP!


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