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22 SPS EXclusive tips & solutions with GREAT SAVINGS.

From our very own skin specialist with more than 30 years in skin mastery.

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Daily Botanicals Enzyme PeelA Polisher, skin instantly smooth & glowing!
Cryogenic ActivatorRedness reduce instantly within a few seconds. Skin gets hydrated and calming!
D:O2 ActivatorMouthful of Oxygen, skin cells instantly awake and re-energize!
Toning GelImmediate hydrating and soothing.
Nutrient TonerDeep moisturizing on skin without sticky texture. Skin glossy and smooth!
Skin Balancing Toner6 kinds of natural herb for Cooling sensation on skin. Control oil and regulates skin PH.
Serum 1212% of Viitamin C,  stimulate collagen production and whitening effects.
Phyto GelGreen energy to brighten and radiance skin. Lightening effect!
B5 GelWrinkles remedy, lines diminshes and smoothening skin!
Moisture Aqua SerumSuper power of moisturizing. Triples up hydration levels immediately!
Purifying Wintergreen SerumClear congestion and minimize pores. Reduce inflammation and pimple marks
Fermented FluidPigmentation eraser, skin gets clearer and less clutter. Brighter & younger skin.
Acell-300 FluidSuper hydration water glass fluid to provide you a natural radiant dewy skin look!
Herbal FluidAnti-acne fluid that kills bacteria immediately. Heal pimple fast. Control oil sebum and prevent pimple breakouts.
Skin Barrier FluidLifting fluid that increase skin elasticity. Skin gets lifted and wrinkles reduced. Skin gets younger and lifted!
Couperose FluidSoothe skin comfortably with excellent water-binding capacity. Skin instantly rescue from redness and sensitivity.
Caviar Protein Fluid5% of  Black Caviar instantly hydrate and reverse sign of aging. Skin gets moisturize and nourishing.
Hydrating CreamNon-sticky rich moisturizing all-in-one cream. Whitening function that protects skin from discoloration inducing and even up skin tone.
Purifying Wintergreen CreamLight weight moisturizer that it is effective for prevention of acnes. Promote pimple healing in a shorter time and moisturizing with Niacinamide and herb extracts formula.
Intensive Blemish BalmA perfect Oxygen BB cream for glow and dewy finish. Provide long-lasting gorgeous skin tone without darkening.
Age Defying KitAge fighting trial size which you can see results in a week. It is convenient to bring along during travelling.
Bio Matrix Collagen Mini Kit (Home Ver)Fillers to skin. Instantly pumps up laughter lines and wrinkles just in one application.

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Tips to avoid pimple breakouts


Acne is a common skin disorder that can result in several types of blemish. This article will provide an overview of managing acne by discussing commonly asked questions.

1. Phone Case

Do you know, the average mobile phone carries 10 times MORE bacteria than the average toilet seat? And with each phone call, we reintroduce these germs onto our skin, clogging our pores and leading to eventual breakouts. Also, if you are using your phone for hours, the phone radiation can cause further skin eruption.


A quick way to minimize skin-to-phone contact? Switch on your Bluetooth setting and hop on the earpiece bandwagon. If you can’t quite commit to an earpiece, make sure to sanitize your phone twice a day!

2. Pillow case

Your pillowcase can be a feeding frenzy for bacteria, dirt and excess makeup which can accumulate as you sleep each night.


For pimples, look for a non-absorbent fabric like silk or satin pillowcase, and be sure to wash your pillowcase at least once a week. Also, flip your pillow every other day.

3. Using too many products

Be mindful, less is more when it comes to the skin. If one product can contain up to 40 ingredients, then times that number by the amount of products you are using on daily basis. Using too many products at once might lead to skin irritation.


Stick to the basics. In our opinion, all you need is a daily cleanser, serum/moisturiser, and SPF. Use an exfoliant and mask on weekly basis.

4. Over exfoliation

We tend to have this perception, “If little is good then more should be better!” Therefore, we over use the products and make the skin intolerant. This might result in over-exfoliation. Exfoliating involves speeding up cellular turnover in the skin by removing dead cells from the top skin layer. Exfoliating has lots of awesome benefits, such as brightening the skin, cleaning out pores, improving pigmentation and promoting healthy circulation. However, it can also do more harm than good if overdone.


If you are exfoliating daily or 3-4 times per week you could end up with over stripped, irritated, dry and blemish prone skin. Exfoliate once per week with a product that is suitable for your unique skin type.

5. Picking Your Skin

As tempting as it is, touching your face or even worse “picking your acne” is the worst thing you can do! Fiddling with your blemishes will only result in them staying around longer, and nobody wants that! Popping or picking pimples will promote inflammatory changes, hyper-pigmentation, and acne scarring.


Prevent this bad habit and inculcate good habit by using a purifying mask to clear your skin.

6. Stress

This is a BIG one! Believe it or not, stress is one of the leading causes of acne. Stress can affect digestion, sleep, eating patterns and hormonal changes. These all contribute to the skin health. Stress also produces inflammatory chemicals in the body and can result in hormonal changes, leading to acne.


Awareness is key! Try to manage your stress levels as best you can by doing more things you love. Also, deep breathing, yoga and daily walks in nature really help!

7. Diary/Inflammatory Foods

Some of us are born to be intolerant to dairy/inflammatory food that causes inflammation in the body. Inflammation results in stress to the body, stress = disease. Internal inflammation will ALWAYS show on your skin. You are what you eat.


Cut out dairy (cheese/milk) and inflammatory foods (spicy/sugary). Eat lots of greens, whole foods, and keep hydrated.

8. Cleanse your skin too hards with too much frictions

Scrubbing your skin harshly can irritate your skin. Also, the friction results in stimulate sebum production, which can eventually lead to skin breakout.


Gently cleanse your skin and rinse off thoroughly.