About Us

We live and breath

We live and breath

SPS is born with the goal of providing care for skin types.

Our vision is to unify our 30 years of craftsmanship and skincare expertise with technology to revolutionise the future of skincare.

We use a combination of experts’ recommendations, advanced research-based technology, and pharmaceuticals grade home care products to truly deliver results.

We believe that healthy and glowing skin is for everyone with diligent skincare routines, along with regular skincare treatments. Most importantly, we only offer our customers safe and effective products.

Our thought leadership allows us to continuously be innovative whilst setting higher standards for skincare. We guide customers through the key philosophy of achieving healthy skin from within. Instead of concealment, we are wellness driven, tackle the root of the potential problem, and correct any faults in their routines.

Comprehensive skincare guidance

Everyone deserves healthy, bright skin, and we would like to be your trusted skin care partner who can help you get there.

Skincare products that delivers

We want you to have healthy skin for life, and our goal is to connect you with products that offer consistent results.

Holistic skincare management

Whether you're dealing with sensitive or aging skin, acne, freckles, or blemishes, we are here to assist you in achieving the skin of your dreams.

Results you can trust

We're redefining how people take care of their skin. Our team of skincare professionals is dedicated to assisting you in achieving your most beautiful skin with innovative science-based technologies and results-oriented products. Don't just take our word for it, contact us immediately and see the results for yourself!