About us
At SPS, we strongly believe in the benefits of integrated skincare. We are passionate about bringing comprehensive skincare solutions that combine clinical procedures, professional treatments and advanced home care products, that help you attain healthier, younger-looking skin as well as long-lasting results.
We live and breath skincare
Integrated skincare advice
We believe that healthy and glowing skin is for everyone and we aspire to be your trusted skincare partner that will guide you along the way.
Skincare products that work
We want you to have healthy skin for life and our aim is to bridge you with products that truly deliver results.
Holistic skin management
Whether you are treating sensitive or ageing skin, combating acne, freckles or blemishes, we will help you to manage it.

Results you can trust

We are reinventing the way people care for their skin. Through advanced science-based technology and results-oriented products, our team of skincare experts is committed to helping you achieve your most beautiful skin. Don’t take our word for it, get in touch today!
Time for a new and improved complexion
Say goodbye to dull, fatigue and tired looking skin, we look forward to transforming you.