About OxygenCeuticals


OxygenCeuticals™ was developed in 2003  and its mission is clear. That is to " Breathe Life into Your Skin ". It is based on the research idea that oxygen was the best therapy for problematic and post procedures skin conditions. In addition to pure and stabilised oxygen, the brand provides proven skin rejuvenating benefits with pharmaceuticals grade actives. Plant based stem cells, peptides, epidermal growth factors and botanical extracts are fed on skin through the advanced ceutisome™ delivery technology. The brand is now a trusted medical aesthetic skincare brand. It is widely used by dermatologists, plastic surgeons and medical aesthetic professionals in more than 600 famous aesthetic institutions in South Korea alone.

Korean Medical
Aesthetic Skincare

With Pure Oxygen + Cosmeceutical Complex

Pure Oxygen For Anti-Aging

Pure oxygen functions as anti-oxidant to neutralize activities of free radicals. Breathing life into skin.

Pure Oxygen For Collagen Production

Pure oxygen stimulates collagen production thus improves skin elasticity over time.

Pure Oxygen For pH Regulation

Pure oxygen keeps skin slightly acidic thus reduces anaerobic activities and making skin feeling clean and clear.