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SPS is a firm believer in the advantages of comprehensive skincare. We are committed to providing complete skincare solutions that include clinical procedures, expert treatments, and sophisticated home care products to help you achieve healthier, younger-looking skin with long-term benefits.

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Signature Treatments

Take your pick from our signature treatments. From hydration to anti-ageing treatments, we got you covered! Discover our range of facial treatments to correct specific skin concerns like acne, scars, pigmentation to anti-ageing and more. For healthier and younger skin, come to us and you will never go wrong.

HiFU V LIFT|85 Mins


Always wanted precise facial lifting but are averse to surgery? Now with this non-invasive ultrasonic treatment, you can not only remodel your face, but also improve collagen and elasticity, and take a step towards better facial contour management. Come now to experience the synergy effect of HIFU and HILDM!

Instant V lift with no surgery! Melt away fats, and make that double chin disappear from within! Have your wrinkles and laugh lines tightened, as your skin becomes firmer. 

Experience a makeover now with our HIFU V LIFT.

Korean O2 Clarifying Treatment|80 Mins



Do you wake up daily dreading an acne outbreak? Then this treatment is for you!

Detoxifying and clearing to prevent inflammation, as well as speeding up healing for any acne you have currently. Even blackheads and whiteheads can be dealt with! We recommend this treatment to also those with oily and rough skin.

Restore your beauty today!

Astrodome Facial|60 Mins



Introducing the world’s first LPE device which combines LED Light Therapy along with Anon Mist Spraying System. Brighten, strengthen, and elevate collagen production in your skin with just 1 treatment! Also comes with anti-acne, anti-inflammatory, and wound healing solutions to keep your complexion in tip-top shape.

Combine medical LED along with NIR and Anion mist infusion to hydrate your skin!  Let your skin feel renewed as this treatment also clears and strengthens.

Be ready to face another day while looking energized!

OxyCryo™ Customized Treatment|60 Mins


Infuse your skin with much-needed pure oxygen and essential nutrients for a brighter look! Tired skin will receive a breath of life, and you too can relax, as stressed skin will be soothed.

Therapeutic oxygen therapy with instant calming effect! A customizable combination of ozone therapy, oxygen mist, pharmaceutical grade ampoule infusion, and anion therapy. You will leave feeling refreshed, with its cooling and brightening effects further boosted by our formula essence, along with an oxygen mask.

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